Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm planning a long run. I'm thinking 3 hours. I found a great article on training for a first Ironman, "Ironman For Mere Mortals" that is right down my minimalist alley. Wish I'd found it in June! Anyway, I am vindicated now for all the rest days I take. I'm hoping for this long run tomorrow, rest day Sunday, final long bike on Monday, and then taper. TAPER??? Already??? Wait, I haven't trained enough....

My homemade gel is in the fridge waiting. Maybe I better take my accustomed PowerGel too, in case the homebrew makes me sick or something.

I also can't believe that we are in our last week here in Garrett County, MD. A week from tomorrow we pull out for Cambridge (with a stop for a few days halfway).... and my debut as an Ironwoman. I'm looking forward to biking on flats again, and a chance to sample swimming in the Choptank River, before race day.


*jeanne* said...

You're in Garrett County!
Cambridge, MD for your Event?

Anyway, thanks for your comment on my pic! :-)

I *heart* my digital cam!

And I laughed at your answer to the random question about the bicycle! ("Good Answer!" as they used to say on whatever that game show was...maybe FAMILY FEUD?)

Ellie said...

As a matter of fact, I thought of YOU ;-P when I wrote the last part of that... :-)