Friday, September 02, 2005


After I ran I felt so good I decided to go for a bike ride. After all, it's been 4 days since I biked. I wanted to practice riding w/o stopping at all and prepared for a long ride and told my husband I'd be gone a few hours.

Not. I turned for home after an hour. I was way more tired than I expected. Even some of the downhills were a struggle :-) Really, it was quite windy and in the headwind I had to fight it even on a down slope. Plus I hit a bee which stung me, and a bee sting always makes me feel icky to a minor or major degree, depending on the bee. This one was minor but it hurt and itched and I didn't need it.

I just felt exhausted from the getgo. I guess I need a little more time of gentle training before going all-out again. I made it for 32+ miles total, averaging a little over 13mph. I was ready to cry by the time I was on the way home. Partly because I felt so crappy, and partly because I was doing my "I'll never be able to do this Ironman" number again. One thing is sure, I won't be able to if I don't give myself enough recovery time after a major effort like Sunday's. I shouldn't have tried a double-workout day this whole week. With the bike ride and the preceding run, I put in over 3 hours today.

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