Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yes, for you who have been following... I took down my last post, the one about getting organized. After I posted it, my sidebar disappeared (I found it at the bottom of all my posts.) I thought the really long link in it might be the reason, so I edited that and put in a different link. It didn't fix the problem. Plus, the new link led to a different site (imagine that) which didn't show the system Nancy had commented on, so when people read her comment they'd wonder why they couldn't find what she was talking about. Since the change didn't fix the problem, and with the changes the post wasn't totally coherent (cohesive, whatever), I tried deleting the whole post, which still didn't fix the problem. So now the post is gone, my sidebar is still gone unless you scroll down to the very bottom, including my pre-race-week and weekend plans, *jeanne* wonders where my post went since inside it I asked her a question, and I'm frustrated. I didn't post anywhere yesterday. I needed a break from computers.

As for getting organized (the topic of my now-deleted post), I haven't. Yesterday I felt like I was getting sick (lightheaded, scratchy throat, chest burned) and lazed around watching TV movies, and taking vitamin C, thinking, great, I'm getting sick, there goes my race. So I didn't do any of the "daily" or "weekly" tasks I'd organized for myself. Last night I did organize all my race-day paraphernalia. I'm amazed I don't feel nervous (excited, yes, nervous, no) and haven't had any dreams about it. Well, wait, I did have one, my goggles strap broke, but in time for me to get more before the race. Pretty inocuous dream, probably gave the message, "If something goes wrong, I've got it covered."

*jeanne* -- so DO you still have the Age-Induced-Attention-Deficit-Disorder thing? If you do I'll post it. Or you can, if you want to take a picture of it :-)

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Do I remember what the
Attention-Deficit disorder thing is?