Sunday, September 04, 2005


Already I'm a little off-schedule, and it's only 9am Sunday. I got up in time to go running before church but I'm also trying to get off sleeping pills and it's going to take me a little while to perk up. So I've been waking up, but now I don't have time before church. Maybe afterward, before daughter Avery, who is camping in the area w/ her husband and friends, makes her appearance. She and I are going to see the new baby of a friend of hers from high school, who is like another daughter to us. I'd skip church, but it's the last time I'll get to go before we leave here, as next week our other daughter will be camping here with her family, and they won't go to church, I'm sure, and it will be the last time I see them for a long time as well.

Promise to self: I will find an hour to run today. No, rephrase that: I will MAKE an hour to run today.

Last night Steve and I made arrangements to have a couple other really good friends for dinner on Thursday evening. Then this morning I recalculated and, aw, crap, I have an appointment with my psych doctor that evening, and it will be the last time I see him for probably a year (have to do it by phone while traveling.) So I'll try to change the appt., but I can't do that till Tues. on account of the holiday, and by then if I can't change the appt. with him we'll have to try to change our date w/ our friends, which will bug my husband. ~Sigh~ It's always something....


nancytoby said...

It *is* always something! So how was that run!?

Ellie said...

It was good! I felt fabulous! As you can see, I went past my planned time.