Friday, September 02, 2005


I always have a slump after finishing a planned, anticipated athletic event. The race is over, I'm done, I'm tired, and it's hard to return to training. After 3 days off following the Reston Century Ride, I got my feet wet again with my swim yesterday, which got me back in the groove. Today I was charged up for a run. I put my running clothes on as soon as I got out of bed, to decrease the chances that I'd get distracted by something and back out. Journey recognizes running clothes and there was no way I could disappoint her, as she hasn't been running for a week. She would happily run every day, even twice a day. I should think like a dog: she never whines that she needs a day off, or that she'll get "overtrained" -- she lives in the moment and she loves to go running.

But I did swim yesterday, and ran for an hour today, and hope to go biking later. It would normally be campground-cleaning day before the weekend influx but there were not many campers here during the week and there is little to do. Steve is chugging around in the 4WD Mule with branch-trimming equipment, but it doesn't look as though he needs my help. I hate to look like a slacker but I need to train. I'm sure Steve will be glad when my Ironman is over.

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