Monday, September 05, 2005


This is, I believe, my last week of hard training. Saturday will be the 3-weeks-to-go mark and I'll start tapering some, and then the next weekend taper for real for the next 2 weeks. Yikes. Is it that close?

So I planned this ambitious training week, thought I was screwed yesterday when I didn't run in the morning, but found a chunk of time in the afternoon unoccupied by family, and ran longer than I'd planned. But today, family seems to have become the priority. Avery and her contingent of friends are still in the area and we've been meeting up with them at various times. I haven't gotten in a bike ride, and it doesn't look like I will. The little bit of time I did get... I took a nap. Oh, well.... I have found I do better if I recover w/o training every other day. Tomorrow is Final Long Swim day... with Steve following in the kayak, I hope to swim continuously in open water for 2 hours and 10 minutes, the length of time allowed for my IM swim. I hope I don't need that much time, but am doing this tomorrow so that if I do need that much time, I'll have done it before, and also to see how far I do swim in that time, and to check my open-water one-mile time.

We are keeping Abbie starting tonight until Wednesday morning, but tomorrow morning after we take her to day care we will have the day free. She goes to day care two days a week whether she needs day care or not, for the social experience and to stimulate her language development. Probably I will be the one who gets up to take her there, and I'm having fantasies of going biking after that until Steve is ambulatory enough to go kayaking while I swim, which may be late in the morning. So I could very well get in two workouts tomorrow before we pick Abbie up at 4. Then a rest day on Wednesday will be deserved.

I can't believe next weekend will herald taper time.


TriFeist said...

Be an ironman, Ellie.

Ellie said...

In ALL areas of life, right? I'm thinking, if I can do all this tough endurance stuff, it's time to stop acting like a meek little thing, you think?