Saturday, September 10, 2005


Until next time, anyway.

My feet hurt. I do not like these new shoes. They're OK for 7 or 8 miles but I just do not have enough toe room for a long run, even though I cut slits in front of my toes. Now I don't know what to do. I can get new shoes but I don't have time before ChesapeakeMan to try them out on a long run.... today was my long run, 3 hours (probably 16-17 miles) 3 weeks before the race.
My hips hurt. My lower pelvic bones hurt. My skin hurts in a couple spots where it was chafing.
Note to self: Do the run in my bike shorts. My thighs won't chafe and the chamois absorbs sweat :-)
Note to self: Put lube on the inside of my arm where it touches my Camelback tube. Or skip the Camelback and just get water at the aid tables. Yeah, that's a good idea.

But I feel satisfied.... I kept telling myself the last hour, "Push through the pain, push through the pain," kind of like having a baby only the run didn't hurt that much.... and I pushed through the pain and the pain actually backed off a bit. I'm proud of that. I know I will have to push through pain at ChesapeakeMan.

I took 2 gel flasks, one with my own homebrew, one with Nancy's. I liked hers better :-)

Note to self: Don't forget to take Tylenol before it's needed. I forgot to take any with me today and I would have been much better off if I'd taken it at halftime, as I do during marathons, even though I don't usually hurt at that point. If I take it then, I don't hurt later. I took some as soon as I got home but I wish it had been already working.

Anyway, that's done. I'll go measure it tomorrow. Now I just need to do another bike ride of, I don't know, maybe 80 miles, and I'll have that down. I did my long swim Tuesday. I think it was Tuesday. I think it was this past Tuesday but it might have been the Tuesday before that... I have so lost track of time. Anyway, my longest swim, longest run, and longest bike (Reston Century, 107 miles) are out of the way.

I think I am actually ready to taper. Wow. Can't believe it's time already.... and that I feel I have actually trained enough!!! I can't believe I'm saying that.... but I don't think I'm undertrained anymore. I think it's coming out just about right, at the right time. Totally amazing.


Downhillnut said...

Hope you're recovering from your longest workouts nicely and looking forward to taper craziness. Great job on the training, eh!

Flatman said...

Wow, you are doing great! Enjoy some tapering!

TriFeist said...

Sorry about the shoes. That's a pain, literally. But I know, you, you'll make it Ellie.

*jeanne* said...


That's what I have to type to leave this message. I think I like these as much as you like the suggestions you get from the spell-check!

Now I've forgotten what I was going to say...oh, well...if it's important, it'll come back to me


Ellie said...


They sound like what Nancy's kids say :-)