Saturday, September 24, 2005


I almost never feel this satisfied.

What a great ride.

My bike computer said 45.6 miles but hers said 47. If hers is right, then I have done 109.7 miles in the last 4 days....more than that if my computer is reading low.

Hallelujah! The Iron-distance bike mileage in 4 days the week before the event! I FEEL READY!!!

A couple weeks ago Nancy asked me when we'd be able, while I'm staying in her neck of the woods, to go for a bike ride. And I'll tell you, not only do I rarely get to ride with a friend, but I can't remember when, if ever, someone has contacted me to ask when they might go for a ride with me! I love it!

Flat roads and a tailwind on the trip out made for a nice head start (for whatever race we were doing, if any...) Of course, as soon as we turned around, the tailwind (predictably) became a headwind which made it not quite so effortless.... except, I'm used to battling a headwind no matter which direction I turn, and hills to boot, so I had sort of an unfair advantage. I don't know when I ever have a tailwind in Garrett County. Not even upon turning around after riding into a headwind. Nope. Every Garrett County, MD biker and runner will attest to the verity of the omnipresent omnidirectional headwind. You have a headwind the whole time on a loop course. You have a headwind the whole time on an out-and-back course. Don't ask me to explain. It's the way God made it. Anyway, that plus hills made it easy for me to ride on the flat, long, non-winding roads of the Eastern Shore with a tailwind half the trip. Nancy said it was easier for me because I'm fitter. Hmph. I rode behind her a lot and you should see her calf muscles undulate when she pedals.

That said, I'm fit enough to feel pretty confident about my Iron-distance triathlon next week ( Of course, pride goeth before a fall (oooh, them's words to make me knock on wood) but I'm not proud exactly... just very, very satisfied and contented.

Plus, Nancy's daughters Catherine and Elisabeth are adorable and worth making a special trip to see. So is Nancy.


nancytoby said...

Plus... you did a LINK!! Woo hoo!!!! :-) Thanks for the great review, and TRUST YOUR TRAINING! You're SO ready!!

Ellie said...

And guess who taught me to do a link :-)

Boy, you read fast... your comment was in my inbox almost before I finished publishing my post. How'd you do that? It must not have been all up because I did TWO links :-), not just "a" link... Now, that, I'm proud of!

Flatman said...

Good luck on your will do great!

Wrayjean said...

A job well done Ellie......sounds like your ready for the big day.

I can't wait to read your race day report.
Do you hear those little whispers in your ear yet?? Your an "Ironman"......get ready girl. Cause your almost there.....than the yelling/screaming will begin. Wish I could be there....what an awesome day your going to have.
Good luck....make us penguins proud.....