Saturday, September 24, 2005


I have been too busy with my life to keep up with my life story. What does that say? Surely it means something.

Quick sketch of the past couple weeks:

The last week in Garrett County, MD: "Fall cleaning" of our camper. Unloading stuff we accumulated during the summer, and the past year, that aren't going to be used in the coming one. Seeing friends and relatives one last time before taking off for who knows how long. Coughing, hacking and sniffeling with a bad cold. Worrying because I wasn't finding time or strength for a last week of Ironman training.

The next week: Traveling to the Hagerstown, MD area (not that far, a couple hours.) Setting up in a campground, a "Yogi Bear Jellystone Park" campground, which offered, among its amenities, electricity -- the state park that was our original plan had none, meaning we would be dependent on our battery for 3 days, which meant no computers, no TV, no air conditioning, and nothing that plugged in (fans.) I cast an enthusiastic vote for Yogi Bear. Steve did not set up the computer satellite receiver for just 3 days, since the campground had wireless internet service. Which my computer, being older, could not access. I did a little e-mail touch-base stuff via his computer, but was generally out of commission internet-wise and looked forward to arriving in Delmar on the Eastern Shore.

Delmar: Bad campground. No sewer hookup. No "clear view of the southern sky" or any sky for that matter... total tree cover. Nice and cool and shady but we wanted to be connected. And to dump our holding tank. We stayed two nights and one day.

But, with no computer to occupy me, and my cold all gone except for some coughing, I drug out my bike and got back on the road. It was heaven.... FLAT ROADS!!! I boogied 35 miles in 2 hours my first day, then took Journey for a 45-minute walk/run. Next day, after we moved to a much nicer place in Quantico, MD, I put in another 27 miles on the bike (27.7, but who's counting?) followed by about half an hour run/walking with Journey.

And on the third day, I rested. I was feeling great and getting in a wonderful cram session of training, but thought I'd better not push myself right into a ditch or something. Plus, Nancy and I made plans to ride the next day (which is now today, and in the cherished and not-yet-dusty files of my memory already.) I will post separately about that. In the meantime, you can visit Nancy's blog for her version (and my comment.)

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