Friday, September 30, 2005



Here's what I have:

Swim/Start/Finish Bag:
What I'll wear to the race and need afterwards (sweats over swimsuit, socks, sandals, hairbrush)
Race Swim cap
Goggles (already cleaned with anti-fog stuff)
Extra goggles
PayDay bar (in case start is delayed b/c of fog)
Pam spray
Vaseline (to protect exposed skin from sea nettle stings)
(I rubbed a little of this on the ankle edge of my wetsuit last night and as of this morning there was no harm noted to the material.)

T-1/bike stuff:
Meat tenderizer (for any stings)
Race belt and number
Bike shorts
Bike shoes
Helmet (will be checked in tonight with my bike)
In jersey pockets:
Small sunscreen
Tube of Neosporin (lube and if I get road rash)
Succeed capsules (salt)
Camelback of Gatorade
On bike:
2 water bottles
Little tube of Vaseline wedged under seat between seat-rails
Bento Box with:
Peanut M&M's
Lip balm
Spare contacts
Gel flask full of my (Nancy's) homebrew
2 tubes
3 CO2 cannisters & nozzle thingie
2 tire irons
Disinfectant wipes
Eyeglass wipes for glasses
Mini Kleenex pack in case I have to make an unscheduled pit stop
Special Needs Bag
2nd flask of gel
PayDay Bar
Beef Jerkey
Spare tube
Spare CO2 cannister

T-2/Run stuff
Penguin t-shirt for running (reflective tape on back)
Change of shorts (just in case)
Change of socks (just in case)
Running shoes
Waist pack with:
Little tube of Vaseline
Tylenol, Imodium, Pepto-Bismol
Anti-nausea pills (you never know)
Gum to get the taste out of my mouth in case I throw up
Long-sleeved shirt (yeah, it fits in my waist pack)
Light-weight flashlight ($.84 at Wal-Mart)
Extra AA batteries for flashlight
Bug repellent wipes
Spare contacts (like I'm going to go through 3 pairs of contacts)
They're supposed to have gels at aid stations so I'm throwing caution to the wind and counting on this.

Believe it or not, this is still a small, lightweight waist pack, even full of all this stuff.

Steve watched me pack and was mindboggled. He said, "I thought all you needed was a bike, a bathing suit, and running shoes."

Have I forgotten anything?


nancytoby said...

Nah, you got the puking covered, so you're good to go. :-)

Ms.L said...

Wow,that's some list,I had no clue...
I'm sitting here,giddy with excitement for you!

ps.You inspired me;the kids and are saving for our own Little House trip:D

Downhillnut said...

Oh yes. A Courage/Suckitup/Hanginthere Hug from me. Just tuck that into any old nook or cranny and you'll find it when you need it.

*jeanne* said...


From Holly:
Ellie's husband Steve just called me and Ellie is officially out of the
water and on the bike! She swam a 1:24 .. a full 30 minutes faster
than she predicted for herself!

From Nancy:
I just got back from volunteering at the race! There were only about 120 entrants, and it's such an absolutely perfect day for it, people will regret not having entered! It's going to be a high of about 70*F, but there's not a breath of wind and the water temperature was 68*F. Humidity is low (48% now).

I arrived at 5 and did body marking, wished Ellie well before the start. There were probably only 10-15 women in the entire event! In fact, a female was the first out of the water. I helped right at the water exit so I got to see everyone come out.

Ellie came out of the water at 1:25, and I think 3 men finished after her. They had a great current behind them the whole way. (That's nearly as long as it took me to swim HALF the distance at Eagleman in the same river!). They had some problems with the jellyfish toward the end, and I think Ellie took 2 or 3 stings, but seemed to take it in stride.

She headed out on the bike looking good, with all those messages written on her bike shorts!

I drove to T2 at the local high school, and was going to do a run there, but not too many people were around yet since everyone was still out on the bike leg for a few more hours. I realized how tired I was after a 3AM wakeup and decided to come back home for a NAP! I may or may not go back later tonight, depending on how I feel.

Yay! I'm so happy Ellie has such an awesome day to become an IRONMAN!!