Sunday, September 25, 2005


Seeing if I set it right to e-mail my blog...

Hey, it worked


nancytoby said...

Oops, sorry, I forgot to answer your question on this - but you figured it out on your own! Yay!

*jeanne* said...

You emailed this post in?


*jeanne* said...

Thanks for the nice compliment on my photos!


nancytoby said...

Why are you posting things and then taking them down? Curious!

*jeanne* said...

Who, me?

In my blog, I somehow got one post on there twice, once WITH the picture and once WITHOUT (and there was only a Title and THE PICTURE...that was the whole post!) So I removed the picture-less post.

And sometimes, after I post, if I don't like the way it looks, I go back in and edit. If that won't work, I delete the post and start over. Sometimes blogger seems a bit funky and it's easier to dump it and start anew!

For OTHER people's blogs, if I have typos in my comment, I'm likely to delete them and repost. I just do NOT like typos.

(And if you meant why does E!!ie post things and then take them down
... I dunno!)


Ellie said...

Just trying anything to fix my sidebar... (as to why am I posting and taking down)It started going crazy after the post with the Sidetracked Home Executives link.