Tuesday, February 27, 2007

WHAT I TELL MYSELF (or wish I would...)(or wish I'd listen to...)

So I've been hovering about 5-7 pounds over what I weighed at IMFL, which was a good 10 pounds over what would have made me a lot more comfortable that day, and 15 pounds over what would have been ideal. Obviously, things have gone downhill (maybe because of the subtraction of two of my regular endurance sports.)

But it's not just about the activity.... I just plain like to eat too much.

Except, sometimes I eat too much when I don't really like to, and eat when I don't really want to .... and, sometimes, even stuff I don't really like.

Now, over the months (and years) I have developed certain items of self-talk which, if I were another person talking to me, and watching me, would probably influence a change in whether I do or do not eat the food in question at the moment in question.
  • Which would I rather do: eat this (or eat more of this), or qualify for Boston?
  • Later on, will I be sorry I did not eat this? (Unless it's a needed meal, or a rare opportunity to taste something I may never get again, or enjoy something I rarely have, the answer is "No.")
  • Will I be sorry I did eat this? (Usually the answer is obvious.)
  • Does this add to or detract from my overall health, nutrition, fitness, and progress toward your goals?
  • If it detracts, is it worth it in the long run? (Only if it's an unusual opportunity to taste something unique or magnificent.)
  • Would Julie Berg eat this now?
  • Would I eat this now if I were toeing the line my BQ in 12 hours?
  • Am I hungry?
  • And finally.... will I starve to death or be unable to carry on, if I don't eat now?

No one ever starved to death between meals, or between dinner and bedtime, or dinner and breakfast.


Cliff said...

What about the question..Would Julie Berg eat this later? :)

Good..for the past few months, my diet have been very....not strict. But as training increases, I seriously need to take the diet up a notch.

Anne said...

Those are great questions that I know I've failed to ask (or at least honestly answer) before diving into a meal or more. I'll keep them in mind once I get over my stomach virus and actually want to eat. Thanks!

LouBob said...

Being honest with myself in THIS area is very hard for me!