Sunday, February 18, 2007


Marathon Summer!!!
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The Vermont City Marathon is May 27. I already have the go-ahead from my prospective campground-employer in Chocorua, NH, to have the weekend off for it. This will be my "see where I'm at pace-wise" marathon.

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The Paul Bunyan Marathon is 6 weeks later, in Bangor, ME. It will be my throw-in-another-New-England-State-while-I'm-there marathon. I'll take it slowly as a training run. Maybe.

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And the New Hampshire Marathon, Sept. 29, is my go-for-broke-qualify-for-Boston marathon. I can't wait to train all summer in New Hampshire. I'm hoping the weather will be as perfect as the climate. I also know to stock up on mosquito spray.

My plans for Boston have changed a little.... whether or not I hit my 4:15 qualifying time in NH, I am now aiming for Boston 2009 instead of 2008. Some friends are planning to gather for Big Sur in April 2008, and I really want to do that. If I qualify for Boston this fall, that time will still be good for Boston 2009. And if I don't..... I'll have another year to work on it, which takes the pressure off.

I'm happy!


Nancy Toby said...

Good luck! I don't know if that NH one looks like a great choice for a BQ attempt - an inaugural race and something like 1000+ feet of climbing might make it a huge challenge. But at least it's cheap!!!

bunnygirl said...

Vermont City? Oh, I'm sooo jealous! I just love Vermont at that time of year, but Vermont City is around the same time as my first love, the Covered Bridges Half. When I'm up there at that time of year, I always do Covered Bridges.

But I really would like to do Vermont City sometime. I'm already wanting to read your race report. Any chance you can write it up a tad early? ;-)

GeekGirl said...

So you seem to be in the East for good! Why did I have the impression you were a southwestern gal?

Ellie said...

Nancy -- guess I'll just have to do hillwork all summer and be tough :-)

Nancy Toby said...

Aha, they must have really changed the date this year!!

"The course is very tough. I expected hills and did plenty during my training, but I haven't found anything yet that compares to the ones on this course."

Sounds like a pretty course, but you might want to schedule a fall-back race for a BQ attempt.... just maybe. Even though I know you like your hills....

Rachel said...

Wow. Ambitious schedule! You rock.