Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pictures & stuff

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Our son, Jon. Wish I could take credit for the photo, but we lifted it from the Cumberland [Maryland] Times-News.

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Random shot on today's run. 66-minute run; not sure of the distance but I'm crediting myself 6 miles. I'm a little short on my long runs, for the start of my 16-week marathon-training program. Yes, that starts this coming week! The KeyBank Vermont City Marathon is 16 weeks away, WoooHOOOO!!! Think I can cut my time from the 4:45 I ran at RNR Arizona last January, to 4:30? Would you believe 4:35? How about 4:40? Truth too tell, I'm hoping for 4:30-4:35. Then I have to shave that down to 4:15 by the end of September for the New Hampshire Marathon, where I hooope to run my Boston-qualifier. If not, I'll find one a couple months later to try again. And if I don't do it there...... then next year.

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View out the back window of our RV. This is my "Photo of the Day" submission. I haven't been posting any, because my computer has stopped recognizing any kind of photo card or reader. However, today I remembered the direct-upload cord I can run from the camera to the USB port and, taa-DAHH!! It's working! (So far.... knock on wood...)


Vickie said...

I'm surprised to not see any snow, like we have. How about cold? It looks very lovely and warm there. If you don't make it qualifying for Boston at any of the runs you mentioned, you can always run the Columbus "Last Chance for Boston" run next February (I think it was just run this past weekend for this year). Its run on a one mile loop and will probably make you squirrely, but you never know!

Elizabeth said...

Your marathons, triathalons, and training schedule are impressive! That's encouragement to those of us who are fiftyish.