Thursday, February 22, 2007

Against The Wind

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Whew. When I went out for my 4-mile "easy" run, wind was 22mph gusting to 39. I headed into it all the way out, then ran a 2-minute negative split with the tailwind.

I'm still nursing my sore left Achilles tendon along. Right one is much better but the left one is still sensitive. It's not bad enough to keep me off the road, just ouchy enough to know I still need to work on it.

There's a high wind warning for tonight.... 35mph gusting to 55. Ew. Hope our camper doesn't blow away....
Update: It's 11p.m. now and wind here in Winchester, VA, is blowing at 39mph (63km/hr) gusting to 50mph (80km/hr). Yeah, our trailer's rockin'.....

1 comment:

bunnygirl said...

Wow, you should've worn a sail on that run-- you would've been even faster!