Saturday, February 24, 2007


Whew. This was one of the Shenandoah Valley Runners Club's Winter Series races. The course description called it "very hilly, rolling and extremely challenging."

I predicted 45:00.
I ran 37:58.

That's 9:30 miles, on hills that were, in fact, quite challenging (I wouldn't say "extremely"), and against a 12mph wind much of the way. 25*F. I need 9:45 miles to run a marathon in 4:15. I just may be able to pull this off.

No watches were permitted so I couldn't gauge how I was doing. The finish clock was turned around backwards so the official who told you your time could see it, but you couldn't, as you were coming down the home stretch. Pretty neat.

People who came closest to guessing their times (closest was 00:02 off) got prizes.

I wasn't even in the running.... :-) 7:02 under my predicted time!

However, I was told later on that I am third in my AG in total points for the Winter Series races and if I don't slip back out of that place I will get a shirt at the Awards Banquet in March. Nifty!! Makes me want to absolutely get to the rest of the winter races and give 'em my all!


Fe-lady said...

Congrats! I would opt for breaking my guess by seven min. and getting a series t-shirt than winning by guessing my time! Whoo-hoo! That's fast for a tough course! Keep it up!

TxSkatemom said...

wow -- on hills, too! that's a great time for 4 miles. just another 22 at that pace and you're in!! :)

Ellie said...

Well, it's 7 months away.... I'll need to up my ability to run at that pace by 3 miles a month. Should that be so hard??? Hmmm...