Thursday, February 15, 2007


As soon as I went to post today's run in my new training blog, "I Keep Running Against the Wind," and that blank new-post screen came up, and I realized I had to go to my blog from the other day to find out what I ran to add the total.... I thought, shucks, this isn't any different from logging it on and in fact it's more nuisance b/c it doesn't automatically tally the cumulative totals like CoolRunning. So I'm back to CoolRunning. I've set my preferences to share my stats, so go to; my sharing password is "Ellie." I'm not sure how you indicate you want to read someone else's log. I searched all over the homepage and couldn't figure it out. Maybe someone else knows -- if so, please tell!!

Today's 4-mile run gave me < 70.3> miles for 2007 so far. Maybe that means I'm destined to do a half-Ironman in 2007 after all.

Or not....

Check my sidebar for a new addition: A link to join my BostonBound Yahoo-Group, for anyone who's training for a Boston-Qualifier marathon or for Boston itself.

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