Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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Wow. I didn't know what to expect from this movie, since the TV previews show only the magical fantasy. I wondered if the movie tells "the rest of the story," and it does.

This is a very stirring film. I was impressed with the book when my children had it, thought it should be a movie, and was excited to see it had been released. It is one of the very few movies I've seen that actually does justice to the book that spawned it.

If you have kids, be forearmed that, along with scary monsters, there are school bullies, parental favoritism, and, later in the film, the shocking death of a child. All of these issues are dealt with sensitively, intelligently, and in a way that fosters growth not only in the characters but in the viewers.

I loved it.


Nancy said...

OK, added it to my Netflix list! Can't remember the last movie I saw in a theater - probably in 2002 or before. How much $$ did you splurge on it!??

bunnygirl said...

I may have to see that. And re-read the book. It's funny, but I have very clear memories of most good books I've read, no matter how young I was when I read them. But for some reason, I only have vague impressions of Bridge to Terabithia. I remember liking it and finding it sad in places, but that's it.

Thanks for the heads-up!

TxSkatemom said...

I've been considering taking the 11 yo to it -- too intense for the little one I think. But we still haven't made it to the new Charlotte's Web yet, either. Sigh.