Sunday, February 25, 2007

It Doesn't Exist Anymore (or if it does, it's been modified or doesn't work....)

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Geek Girl posted a really funny treatise on things she loves that get discontinued. It rang a bell with a whole lot of followers, including me! I started to write a comment ten yards long, but decided to borrow her thread (I'll give it back when I'm done) and list some things I used to like that I can't get anymore.

Geek Girl said Hanes Sports Bras. Yeah. My favorite was Bestform, a nice, inexpensive, easy stretchy pullover number that was enough for me and didn't rub or blister. Until they went and put HOOKS in the back. I DON'T WANT HOOKS IN MY SPORTS BRA!! Probably they did this to make them easier to get off.... I don't like getting trapped in my sports bra, but I don't like hooks in the back even more.

And I liked Catalina one-piece swimsuits, $24.95 at Wal-Mart, $9.95 on sale. Simple, easy, with inner shelf bra that wasn't really more than a liner. Now Catalina has gone and put cumbersome FOAM BRA CUPS in these suits. Someone caught on that I was doing honest-to-goodness athletic swimming in these, and that I also wore them with shorts over them for running and even biking, with no need for other under- or over-wear. Can't have that... I think the sport companies ganged up to ruin my suits so I'd have to buy running singlets, bike jerseys, and sport bras (and then they "improved" the ones I liked by putting hooks in the back.)

And things stop working. I can't click on links in my email. It makes my computer freeze up. However, I can RIGHT-click on them and then click "Open" or "Copy Shortcut" and get into the page.

As of my last trip through some of my favorite blogs, I can't just click on "Post a Comment" either. Gotta RIGHT-click it, then click "Open."

This is my husband getting into the conspiracy. He thinks I spend too much time on the computer. He's sabotaging me. Abbie's CPR on my computer was not successful.

I loved Coty's Muguet des Bois perfume (pronounced "mew-gay day bwah," for those not up on their French), used it for years, and then it disappeared. I just did a search. Bingo! Found it! Oops, nope..... out of stock. Like, forever, probably, although you can click "Notify me when in stock." I'll do that. (If I can click on it. So far, internet buttons have been OK, except for the "Post a Comment" one.)
At least I know I'm not the only one this happens to. Things being discontinued or changed or "improved" and just not being the thing I liked anymore.
OK, Geek Girl, thanks for letting me use your thread, I'm returning it now :-)


LouBob said...

I might have to steal this too simply because, like you, things that shouldn't change do!

Miss Rachel said...

It's very annoying the way "they" have to go and mess with success. New and improved can sometimes really be "new and not as good as it used to be."

I didn't know Muguet de Bois still existed, although maybe it doesn't - ? That was a wonderful scent because it smelled exactly like what it was supposed to - lilies of the valley.

tri-mama said...

The real conspiracy is that in time I tend to forget what it was I really liked- I started reading this and could hear myself saying-"Oh, I love _____, but I can't find it anymore" but I can't remember what _____ is. ugh. I think I need a little more coffee. :-)