Thursday, February 22, 2007


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Our 8-year old granddaughter Gracie recently participated with her Ohio gymnastics team at the Chicago Style Meet -- the largest women's invitational meet in the world.

Gracie told me there were 7 countries represented. She was so excited to be there with so many other athletes at all levels of competition -- just like when we go to a big marathon or triathlon. She loved the expo and bought some new leotards.

Gracie competes at level 4 of 10 (10 being elite.) In individual competition, there were 44 international athletes at this level.

Among the 44, Gracie was 10th overall, and THIRD on her floor exercise with a score of 9.1.



Holly said...

That is wonderful! Good for Gracie! You must be a very proud Grandma!

Dianne W. said...

Wow! What an honor to participate, and that's an incredible score!

From Here to There said...

Wow is right! I've never in my life been able to do that. Yay Gracie!