Wednesday, February 28, 2007


What is this monster that drives me to the fridge and cupboards almost every evening? Yesterday I posted about good good self-talk to steer away from eating that goes against my purposes. Then, after that great 10-mile run, stayed up too late fooling with my sidebar and that's when I started eating stupid stuff. Seems like staying up past tired and eating past full go hand in hand. Almost always, when I mess up my food plan, it's late in the evening when I'm tired. Maybe going to bed earlier is the key?

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Are you a meal skipper? I am, in the worst way. Then, after 8 PM I morph into a mad snacker. Total schizo when it comes ot eating.

Runners' World recently did a profile on different types of eaters - the night eating is VERY common, esp for people who are "too busy" to eat during the day.

Also - a friend of mine who is on my Tri-moms loop, and has a professional coach -- said that her coach gave ger specific ammo for this. Like, what to eat more of during the day to fight night cravings. I will ask her and get back to you. HEIDI