Wednesday, February 28, 2007



WHOA!!!! Our neighbor, another full-time RV'er work-camper, is leaving and moving on to the next gig, and she's downsizing her stuff,and gave me a DOWN JACKET!! LONDON FOG!! I've made it through the chilly (some single digits F*) Norther Virginia winter with just my jean jacket and my IMFL microfiber jacket. Whoo! I have NEVER had a down jacket before!

And fleece-lined jeans! Gap! I have never bought jeans from Gap, nor have I ever had lined jeans.
We'll be landing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire early in May. I've been on a "Backpacking the White Mountains" website that warns hikers to have WARM clothes, even in "warm" weather. I'm ready!!


bunnygirl said...

Cool! I just love scoring cheap or free stuff. But I had no idea there was such a thing as fleece-lined jeans.

Never seen such a thing down here on the Gulf Coast. I wonder why... ;-)

Downhillnut said...

Heck, even I don't have a pair of lined jeans. I do have a lightly-lined pair of windpants to match my lined windbreaker, but the linings are thin. I wear the windpants over leggings or longjohns on cold runs or snowshoe treks.

TriFeist said...

Down jacket, very nice. And you still have plenty of cold weather left so you can use it.