Friday, October 13, 2006


Big-time taperitis here. Wanting to work out more than scheduled. More often. Harder. Longer. I feel great, why not go and make sure I'm still strong? Nope, cut-back time.

I saw a new saddle I wanted to buy. Buying stuff is what people do during their tapers. But a new saddle would be dumb. I don't have any really long rides left to see how it would work on a really long ride. I CAN'T GET A NEW SADDLE NOW!!! But I wanted it. I thought it might give me a better Ironman.

Last night I got on an internet-IM-article binge. Like an eating disorder, only a "training" disorder: denying myself what I wanted and reading about it instead -- like someone who won't let herself eat but pores over cookbooks.

I kept going to more and more how-to-train articles ("GACK! I didn't do it like that...") and what-to-eat articles ("GACK! I don't use that stuff, I'm sunk...") and what-to-drink articles ("GACK!!! I'm going to dehydrate or de-sodium or de-potassium or decompensate one way or another....") Somewhere in there must be the one golden tip or hint or suggestion or rule of thumb that will give me a better Ironman.

I finally just went to bed.

Which I should have done in the first place.

Shelley wrote in her blog a few days ago: "20 more sleeps until I go to Florida."

I've been thinking about this.

I'm cutting back biking. Cutting back running. Cutting back swimming. But as of tonight I have 21 more sleeps until race day, and on that I'm not cutting back. I've worked hard to make the most of every single ride, run, and swim. Now, while I do less of those, I'm going to concentrate on making the most of every single sleep. I don't have 20 rides, runs or swims left. But I have 21 sleeps. That's something I can do. As much as usual. MORE than usual. Hopefully, BETTER than usual. While making myself MORE ready to do this thing.

Taper time.

Sleep time.

Thanks for the tip, Shelley! You always seem to know what to do....


Kewl Nitrox said...

Take a DEEP breath... You can do this! :) Just remember that the guys/gals that write all those stuff are not you.

Crazy Eddie said...

You've done so much already, and you can do this with ease. I don't even know you well, but I feel that I do...

You keep me inspired. I mean, the simple fact that even if you do have times of fatigue, you stay positive and refuse to melt down. You're amazing.

My grandma goes out to dance clubs and gets her exercise while flirting with club staff... LOL.

(I hope I didn't offend you with some of the content on my site. I'm eclectic to say the least.. LOL)

Dianne W. said...

How about doing all that stuff you've been ignoring for months. Learn a new song on the guitar, sew something new, read a book about something inspiring, scrub the baseboards at mom's house.