Friday, October 20, 2006


I have, I think, finally come to terms with the knowledge that my swimming is not magically going to get better in the next two weeks. 1000-meter time tonight was 27:03. Not fast but, barring major marine complications, adequate to get me well under the wire on the IMFL swim.

I have a snootful of chlorine and I'm sneezing and blowing like a whale.

My sweet coach sent me a present: a copy of Going Long. I was at work when it came. My husband and 3 other staff members were there when I opened it up. My husband saw the title across the counter and said, "That better be about triathlon." Instant bedlam among the rest of the staff.

I just got a trial pair of bifocal contacts and WOW!!! I can see stuff up close!! I think I'm going to ask about getting the "distance" part a tad stronger. But this close vision is awesome. Much better than the mismatched lenses I've worn the last several days, strong in one eye for seeing distance, less strong in the other for close vision. Always felt a little cross-eyed. Wonder if I looked that way?

TOMORROW IS KONA. And according to the Weather Channel, they're expecting UP TO TEN INCHES of rain, with flash flooding increased by landscape changes caused by rockslides in Monday's earthquake. If you check the link, it looks OK, just showers, until you click on the High Surf and Flash Flood warnings. Nancy told me they're also expecting 3-foot ocean swells and 4-foot waves. Eeks. For anyone (like guess who) who's a tentative swimmer.... scary. And a biker dependent on things going well.... aarrgghh. I'm glad I'm doing Florida. And probably glad I don't have the 10-day forecast yet. Because we're still subject to the luck of the draw. And I stuck my neck out and bragged that I might be able to do 14 hours. Well, I said I MIGHT be able to. I didn't say I'm GOING to, or that I EXPECT to. I said, IF NOTHING GOES WRONG AND EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT, it COULD happen.

And I COULD win the lottery.


nancytoby said...

Woot! I'm so glad you tried the bifocal contacts and they work for you! I don't know what I'd do without them! My distance vision is still kind of fuzzy with them, but I can live with it. It's never as crisp as the glasses with my contacts. I go back to the eye doc on Tuesday to get a new prescription and hopefully some extra sets before IMFL!

Flo said...

I've been dying to try bifocal lenses but my eye doc keeps talking me out of it. I've worn monovision for 10 years but that just doesn't cut it anymore. About 3 months ago I broke down and bought bifocal glasses and have just never been happier. I may just have to put my foot down and get a pair to try.

jbmmommy said...

Glad you like the new contacts. I still just need the blind-as-a-bat prescription, I'm sure I'll get around to bifocals some day, too.

Catching up on your blog- quite inspirational! And even if you don't go less than 14 hours, you still beat me, the other someday hopefuls for an IM, and the millions of couch potatoes out there. Good luck, looking forward to hearing about the race.

Kewl Nitrox said...

My stubborn pride still stops me from trying bi-focals. I just hold the papers at arms length. :)