Saturday, October 07, 2006


Here's me coming around a corner at ChesapeakeMan! You can go here to see the rest, but they're basically the same, except that some were taken before I took the ponytail out of my hair,

like this one:

Like my red-and-black color scheme? That blue Camelbak tube sort of wrecks it, though :-( However, I have, just this very day, acquired a white/black/red Profile Aero Bottle, which, if it works as well as everyone says it does, will replace the Camelbak for races (I'll still need it for long rides by myself.) My bike computer is nearly hidden by it, so now I'm going to have to move my computer ... and I don't know where else it can go. It was hard even finding room for it with my aero armrests on the bars. There's some kind of adaptor knob you can get to mount it to a bar going front-to-back rather than side to side. I'll have to check the feasibility of that. ~Sigh~ It's always something.

Oh.... and this wetsuit picture? That's not me.

Or, at least, it's not my wetsuit. Mine doesn't have a triangle logo thingie on the front of it like that.


nancytoby said...

If it's not you, why did you post a photo of some OLD LADY in a wetsuit?

Ellie said...

To point out that it was SOME OLD LADY, not ME. As we all know, I'm a HOTTIE.

E-Speed said...

great pics! I totally think you can BQ next year! Great job on your latest "mini-iron" I know you will do well in Florida!

bari said...

Ok, and if it's not you, how come she's got your number written on her hand? Anyway, she looks wet, but definitely not old.

Ellie said...

That's not my number! And that's not my wetsuit! And that's not even my nose! I can't read what the number is, even enlarged in PhotoShop (turns into square pixels) but I enlarged it enough to be quite sure it's not 257.

Not me!!

Ellie said...

I take it back. I guess it is. I can't read the number but I zoomed in on the wetsuit design and given that the person does resemble me and that DOES look like my wetsuit, I will concede that it's me.

Bari is right, she looks wet but definitely NOT OLD!! :-D

Fe-lady said...

HA! Love the mix-ups that the photo companies do! Sometimes I even change sex!
The bike pix are great-hope you bought at least one!

NOT your nose?!
Maybe there is water dripping off of it!