Friday, October 06, 2006


My yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet has disappeared right off my wrist. Somewhere between the end of ChesapeakeMan and yesterday, when I realized it wasn't there.

This is the second time this has happened. Previously, when I did the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon, I noticed that afternoon that it was gone.

Luckily we got one in our ChesapeakeMan goody bag so I have a replacement.

I've heard of people who haven't had theirs off since they put it on several years ago. Mine won't stay on. I think I'm going to cut a section out and close it with yellow duct tape to make it smaller.

Too bad I'm not that small all over. I used to be.


runr53 said...
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bari said...

Ellie, get a children's size. My adult size used to slip off my wrist, too, but the children's size was perfect (until it tore -- too much putting it on and taking it off).