Wednesday, October 04, 2006



I just got back from swimming.
1800 meters, 50 minutes.

I'm still tired from the weekend. I stopped to rest every 50-100 meters. I couldn't keep a rhythm. I breathed on the 3rd stroke, on the 2nd stroke, on the 4th stroke, on every stroke. I got water up my nose. I inhaled mouthfuls and choked. I couldn't keep my legs up. I wanted to quit after the first 5 laps.

I should think positive. When I first started doing triathlons, my 1-mile time was 1:20. By the end of the first year, I had it down to 1:10. Then I got a wetsuit and it came down to 1:00. Now it's two years later and a mile is taking me 45-50 minutes.

I will never be fast.

But at least I can make the cutoff times.

I hope. Barring bad surf or currents.

ChesapeakeMan down, IMFL to go.


nancytoby said...

Well, Ellie, just between you and me, I hope you rethink doing that 75% of an Ironman swim 3 days before your event before IMFL! I'll bet anything you would have been faster without that. Then it's no surprise at all that an almost-half IM swim 4 days after your event would feel slow! Swimming muscles need recovery time too, just like any other muscles! And you always say you need lots of recovery days off!

IMO, of course....

Ellie said...

Yeah, I'm discussing w/ my coach about re-thinking the rest of this week. I'm gonna back off and then do this week's longer workouts next week :-)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Well that's faster then me. I say good job but agree a rest is not a bad idea.

Flo said...

Ditto!!! I don't think I could swim 1800 m 4 days after 2.4 miles.

Give yourself a break girl!!! Get some rest and come back stronger.

Cliff said...

I have those bad swimming sessions too.

Glad u just plow through those...

Bolder said...

next year, i'm thinkin' duathlon.