Monday, October 30, 2006

Florida Pics

Not. Sorry to disappoint you with the title. I keep trying and after I hit "Upload Image" I get "Page cannot be found." This is a total bummer, because I wanted my friends here to see:

The Beach.... where we'll start and finish the swim.
The transition area, which right now is a closed-off parking lot with lots of people wielding push-brooms (presumably to make the surface safe for bike tires?)
The upper parking deck, where tents are being set up for the expo
The road in front, where the bike and run will start and end

Some of our campground neighbors, one in an Airstream travel trailer painted with "Texas Iron Multisport Training", the other a Class C motor home (that's where the living part is permanently attached to the truck part), bright green professional rig with SportStats painted on it, along with images of IronPeople racing, including the couple living in the rig, and their kids running wearing race numbers, and "ChampionChip Timing"on the cab. THEY'RE IN CHARGE OF THE TIMING CHIPS!!

The mom, a young woman, thirtysomething, had a laptop on the picnic table, and the two boys, maybe 6 and 8, were finishing up homemade Play Dough. They told me the recipe. Same one I used to use except I cooked it; they just made it with warm water. The younger boy messed around with his glob of dough and then looked happily up at me saying brightly, "Look what I made!" Lying flat on the picnic table, it was a gingerbread-boy-shaped; he had poked eye-holes, drawn a smiley mouth with his finger, and shaped a perfectly vertical little weener in the appropriate location. I said, "That's really cute!" Mom looked around from behind her laptop to see, did a double take and cried, "Billy!! What is that!!" As he was saying happily, "A weenie," her hand came around the computer and she squashed the poor Play-Dough Boy's weenie flat with her fist.

I about died. Trying keep myself contained, I teased her, "Hey, it was anatomically correct." She rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, right," and went back to her computer.

I'm still laughing. Wish I'd gotten a picture of that, quick before her fist squashed its hopes. Not that I could have posted it....


runr53 said...

I would have liked to see pictures too! Your race is on Saturday? I'll be in Huntington on Sunday, but only doing a third of your race, hehe! The rest will be a piece of cake so... Run Good!

Downhillnut said...

So cool to be right there watching the IMF set-up take place.

And the playdough weenie-squash story - very funny!

E-Speed said...

Good luck Girlie! You are going to rock this Ironman. I think the dream goal is definitely a possibility!

Can't wait to see pics and read the report!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Next time try something like and then link back to the images from your blog. Blogger sucks big time with images!

Sigh... I have 2 young boys so let's just say that I have my fair share of "weenie" moments.


nancytoby said...

If you post photos in the morning they often work because net traffic is lower. Try try again! I put up one on the IMFL blog this morning just as a test.

Fe-lady said...

Yes we want pictures! Oh, you gotta love boys when they "discover" themselves...and it goes on the resot of their lives! :-)
Sounds like you are relaxing beofre the big day! Good for you!

Fe-lady said...

REST~of their lives! (But you knoew that!)