Thursday, October 19, 2006


I tried these, and they were good. They cost $1.98 for a little pack of about 10 beans, at the bike shop. I decided they were a rip-off.... 10 frikkin' jelly beans for $2.

I looked at regular jelly beans, $1/12oz. bag at Wal-Mart, and at the Wal-Mart Great Value Fruit Smiles ($1/12oz.)

that we buy for Abbie and that don't last because I eat them, and Great Value Fruit Slices ($1/12oz.),

and the calorie/carb per serving content was exactly the same as the Sport Beans: 100cal. and 25g carb, give or take a couple. True, the Sport Beans have some sodium and potassium, but I've got sodium capsules and Gatorade for that. True, they have a few vitamins, but I take a multi-vitamin pill for that.

I decided the Sport Beans were a rip-off and bought the Wal-Mart candy, which worked wonderfully along with Cheese Combos and string cheese on long bike rides.

So what's the problem?

The Wal-Mart candy is cheap, and tastes good, and I can (and do) eat handfuls of it as snacks. I'll be carrying them on my bike all right, but on my hips and thighs, not in my Bento Box. Plus I have to keep buying them so I have some on my bike.

At $2 for 10 beans, I'm not going to be doing my evening noshing on Jelly Belly Sport Beans. They'll still be around come ride time.

Plus, it turns out I can get them for $.96 at Wal-Mart.


Lisa said...

So did you conclude in the end that the sports beans *are* a good idea (and you can get them for about $1/pack at Walmart)?

I may have to check those out.

Crazy Eddie said...

Hey Elie!! I've been seeing the teaser trailers for Running With Scissors and I can't wait to see it too!! Looooooved the book.

Thanx for the kind words.

Crazy Eddie said...

You'll be carrying them on your hips and thighs... LOL

Ellie, I think you look great. You can eat a whole bag of Combos and a side-order of Twinkies and you'll still burn it off with all the activities you do.

I wonder if those beans give gas... LOL

tri-mama said...

I love those beans! But, I only buy them to psyche myself up for races-they are expensive-now that you break it down, $.20 a bean? uggh.

I sent you an email with the details of my stay and phone #- can't wait to meet you.