Friday, December 30, 2005

ONE-GOAL DAY (Well, maybe two...)

I have one major goal today:

And maybe laundry later on (since I didn't get that done yesterday.)

Yesterday I had all these lofty goals. I accomplished two of them:
The grocery-shopping, and the run. Since I accomplished 2 out of 5 goals, ("less computer time" is an issue in itself), maybe I should set fewer goals.

All my stuff is ready for my run... my honey-gel, my salt capsules, my hair all braided, light breakfast, Camelback filled.

Here's a quick tip:
When filling your Camelback, make sure the mouthpiece is on the other end of the drinking tube. My kitchen floor is clean now, though, a job that wasn't even on the list.

I'm planning to run/walk slowly. I need this distance and don't want to have to bail early.



Flatman said...

Have a great run! 18 was not fun as I recall in my training!

Hope it is great for you!!!!!

nancytoby said...

So how did it go!!??

Vickie said...

Ellie, about daily goals: List 5 of the most important things you have to do today (each day) and then work from that list. Five things sure beats 10 or more. Five is doable. Even if it takes you all day.

Good job on your long run. You are doing it!