Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Darn, you can't read the sign on the outhouse, but it says "Out Of Order." Too funny. Actually, the restaurant-souvenir shop across the road (which looks a lot like the outhouse only bigger -- it has great food and its walls are papered with dollar bills contributed by visitors from all over the world) has indoor restrooms. I suspect "Out of Order" translates into "Simulation Only, Do Not Use."

After browsing Tortilla Flat, population 6, about 50 yards from end to end, we hiked up nearby Boulder Canyon trail, which involved short sections of modest rock-climbing and an elevation gain of 700 feet over about a mile and a half. I was sooo glad to see WATER. (I didn't think there was any, here on the moon....) We drove along the lake on the way to and from Tortilla Flat and the hiking trails. It will be gorgeous to kayak on, lots of inlets into desert canyons.

I see I need to clean my lens... I didn't even notice that when taking the pictures. Ychh.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Love the outhouse pic.

Holly said...

Great Pics Ellie! Looks like you are staying nice and warm this winter!

Oldman said...

great pics...good use of spotted lens, so photographers try to do that!