Sunday, December 25, 2005


And already thinking about, well, it must be something akin to New Year's resolutions, although I never make those, on principle. They're just invitations to failure, in my book.

However, I'm feeling urges to clean up my life, now that I can breathe again (what a terrible way to feel about Christmas.... if the commercialism would go away, would I feel better?)

Clean up my backed-up email.
Clean up my Important-Papers file.
Clean up my photo files.
Clean up my closet.
Clean up my dresser.
Clean up my head.
Clean up my heart.

How can I feel that, now that Dec. 25 is almost at a close, the hard work is over, and then make a list like that for a fresh start... when I was not able to make any lists concerning Christmas? It feels like looking forward to the marathon around mile 100 of the bike ride. So eager to be able to put what seems like an eon behind me, that even running a marathon or revamping my whole life looks like a fresh start.

Despite my Merry Christmas post earlier today, and despite being a professing Christian -- Christmas.... well, I get through it. I could probably celebrate it out in a snowy forest by myself surrounded by surprised deer, but I struggle surrounded by gift-bearing humans with expectations.

This accounts for my odd and possibly depressing choice of favorite Christmas songs. (There are 2 links there for 2 separate posts.)

I like the simple thought of the favorite chosen by more than one of of my fellow bloggers: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Take it easy. Don't try so hard. And for Pete's sake stop worrying about it.

To all a good night.

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