Thursday, December 15, 2005


First off, the picture here... is not my current weight.

This evening's weigh-in: Down 3.2 pounds from last week!!

Lower than what's shown in the picture.

I came home and celebrated with eggnog (which I've not had all week) with BOOZE in it (which I've not had all week.)

Back on the wagon tomorrow. A very auspicious beginning.


Cliff said...

Were you holding your camera while weighting yourself.

U do know that the camera add some weight as well :)

So u might lose more than 3.2 lb :D

Ellie said...

Yeah, I was, but it's an older picture I took ages ago. I just wanted a "scale" pic for my post :-)The weight loss I reported was from my weigh-in at the Weight Watchers meeting.

'Zilla said...

Great weight loss! :) You deserved that egg nog (yum).

KLN said...

YAY, Ellie, that's terrific! And I'm happy to see you're in the holiday spirit, 'cause you've been tagged.

Susan said...

Have some eggnog for me. Great job on losing!