Friday, December 09, 2005


Well. Hmph. Excuuuuse me very much.

OK, there is a leash rule. But who cares if a cat isn't on a leash?

Our neighbors, apparently. While I was out running, Steve was in the yard cleaning the camper, and Annie was meandering around sniffing things. Apparently a neighbor came over and asked Steve if that was our cat. A little while later, a campground host showed up with a copy of the "Pet Rules," with the rule in question highlighted: "All pets, including cats, must be on leash when outside the owner's campsite" (which she was, although easily in sight). A note at the bottom said that we could come to the office if we wanted to discuss it.

OK, there is a leash rule.

But a cat isn't bothering anyone, if it doesn't sneak into their house or something. Cats don't bark or walk up and bite people or kill their small dogs or chew up shoes left on the doorstep. I guess a cat might poop in someone's gravel cactus garden, but I never heard of a campground enforcing a leash rule for cats. So now if she wants to go lie in the sun we'll have to put her on a tie-out. Which will make her not want to go lie in the sun.

OK, there is a leash rule. And it does say "Including cats."

I'm still mad. Who the heck cares? And why didn't they mention it to Steve at the time instead of complaining to the office? I think that's what burns me. They ask if it's our cat and then go call the office.

I want to go soap their windows.

OK, there is a leash rule.

But I'm still mad.


Kewl Nitrox said...

Sorry, but I cannot call myself a cat lover - my sister is the cat lover in my family, I am more a dog person. STILL... I think it is ridiculous to expect a cat to be leashed! I have personally not seen a leashed cat and I think a cat (opposed) to a dog would be miserable when leashed (this is probably contentious, but I tend to think of cats as being less domesticated than dogs so leashing them would be extra cruel).

Comm's said...

Im with kewl nitrox. I also know how HOA's work in concert with fasicism here in AZ. It like come on people, its a friggen cat not a pit bull. On the other side of town, the entire city, CITY, of Sun City West is HOA 55 and older and made a grandma move out of the city,yes the city, because her parentless grandchild had moved in with her as her only legal guardian. NO KIDS ALLOWED on the city limits sign I guess.

nancytoby said...

Sorry. I'd be annoyed too. It's not like your cat was killing their bird and spraying on their tacky astroturf.

But I love your "no cats" symbol! Hee!

Ellie said...

Thanks, guys.... I thought maybe it was just me. I've thought of actually putting Annie on a leash and dragging her past their place. But I wouldn't do that.

Commodore... what's HOA?? "How Old ARE you's?" "Hobbling Old A-ho's?" "Harrassing Old Anti-everything's?"

I'm still mad. Not very Christian.

PuddyRat said...

Ellie, I wouldn't just be mad about the "cats on a leash" thing, I'd be so pissed, I'd actually pull up stakes and let them all know they were number one in my book.

As for WW, welcome back. Actually, I haven't weighed in with WW for a couple years now, but you can find me on the Fitness Challenge Community board. Flo (from Hawaii) has been there as well. Come see us. Lots of us triathletes do WW.

Good luck. I'm still counting calories, rather than points, but journal EVERYTHING, including my activity.

'Zilla said...

Ellie, it's not just you. They should have just talked to you... Kind of like: "Oh, I'm not sure if you realized, but these crazy ppl here have a leash rule even for the cats - Isn't that silly?"

Some People! Poor kitty.

Fe-lady said...

I guess I would be more upset that the people who complained didn't talk to you first...that's just plain chicken-you-know-what! I am a cat lover and would never leash one!

Ellie said...

Wow... I still can't believe how much response this event has generated! Comments continue to come in. Maybe I'll try to leash-train Annie so neighbors can see how ridiculous it is.