Thursday, December 01, 2005


Check out the time for my distance! Considering that I felt lousy at the start and figured I'd jog it slowly, things went well!! Mostly due to Journey... she was feeling peppy, I guess, spurring me to 10-minute miles in spite of my heaviness, and on the return trip I thought, well, let's see how much I can keep up with her. Running with a dog provides more than just protection! They say that to run faster you need to run with someone who runs a little faster than you do... Normally I hold her back, saying, "Slow, Journey... slow...." to keep her at my pace. Today I thought, well, maybe she'll pep me up a little, and WOW! There were a few stops, for drinks (I haven't gotten a pic yet of Journey drinking from the Camelback) and I got my breath during those. But I'm sure happy with this time for a training run!

This run followed a trip with my parents-in-law to scout out a pool in Apache Junction, where they are living, and which is the closest town of any size for us. We found a gym with a pool, but the pool was only 47 feet long and maintained at a constant 88*F. Whew. Way to warm for working hard. Mom-in-law mentioned that the pool at their RV park is the same temperature, but they have an exercise room. I looked at that and wow, nice!! Good machines, treadmills, bikes. She checked on my using it as their guest and it will only cost $5 for the whole winter!! Can you imagine? It's 20 miles away so it's not inconceivable that as I get back in condition I could ride my bike to and from.

I still need a pool, but I'll probably have to go as far as Mesa to find a full-length one and hopefully a masters swim group.

Then I got info from Commodore about group bike rides near here. It will be great to find biking friends and meet Commodore!

It just goes to show.... I've been depressed and discouraged for a few days (more than that, off and on) but next time I'm feeling like that I'll know to wait and hold out... this is a test, this is only a test.... because something good may be about to happen.


Flatman said...

Way to go on that run! You were smoking!

I am glad you found a cheap gym to join! Sounds like things are coming together nicely. Tell Commodore I said hi!

Downhillnut said...

A+! We all know we're going to have the lows in between the highs, it's just hard to remember that when we're low.

Great job on your run and gym hunting - and give Journey a scratch behind the ears for me!

Mica said...

Great stuff! I'm so glad everything is falling into place for you.

And great job on that run!!