Saturday, March 31, 2007


ROTARY CLUB 5K, WINCHESTER, VA, held the last Saturday in March every year. Here's the list of past records, with enlarged details below; keep moving down to see my time today. :-D

And today, March 31, 2007:

Ellie Hamilton, 55, Winchester, VA 28:33

Whoo HOOOOO!!! After that slogging, cursed 16 miler day before yesterday; then, yesterday, I decided not to be a wimp and went out and did 5 miles right on top of it just to show 'em; thought about skipping the race today to be cautious, since I'd probably be slow and stiff and didn't want to add insult to injury.

I went to the race. I ran. I was not stiff or slow. I did not hurt. I pushed hard. I did good!

However..... pride goeth before a fall. :-/

I was the only one in my age group. AND..... rather than an age-group award anyway, I won 2nd out of 3 female masters overall. No mention of my age (55) OR that I had set a new age-group course record by nearly 3 minutes (2 minutes, 54 seconds. The announcement was only, "Masters Female, Second Place, Ellie Hamilton, 28:33," polite applause, third place, some other lady, and on to the age groups.

There were, they said when they got to the older age groups, "no female finishers over 40." "Unless I'm missing someone," he said. There had been 3 of us. We'd won Masters' awards. I wanted to yell, "Yeah, there's 3 of us, we already got our medals, and I set a new age-group record!" but I kept quiet.

Anyway..... I know what I did, and so do a few others, since I told them, dragging them over to the past-results list to show them my age group, then the time on my watch. One girl who was standing there checking her own status looked where I pointed, then said to me, "But that's not your age group, that's 55-59...." and I said, "Yeah, I'm 55!" I love when that happens. I love when the woman passing me on the course looks my age and I figure I don't have to worry about her because she's probably at least one age group lower, which she usually is.

So I'm bragging, since I didn't get recognized. Second place female master, but FIRST in my AG with an all-time AG course record by almost 3 minutes.

OK, I'll sit down now....


LouBob said...


Nancy Toby said...

Well done!!!

There's still time to get your butt over to the National Senior Games to put yourself up against some competition, you know!!!

From Here to There said...

OUTSTANDING Ellie! You so deserve this!

Reluctant Penguin said...

Congrats, Ellie!!!!
(Shouting real loud to make up for the lack of recognition.)

bunnygirl said...

Good job, Ellie! It looks like that 16 miler you felt bad about was just an indication that your body was saving up for a better day!

TriGirl 40 said...

Congrats on a great race. Applause, applause! What a great time!

Wayne said...

Once again Ellie, congrats. I've always said that things happen for a reason.

Check out my blog from yesterday. The race I ran was good. However, the organization was left to be desired! - Wayne

P.S. - I feel good this morning and went on a 25 minute run.

TriFeist said...

Great job! Next time you have a bad run, you can read this post. Go Ellie!

Downhillnut said...

Blogs are the best place to brag :) We come here because we want to hear all about you, and here you can tell it like it really is - FANTASTIC! Great JOB, Ellie!

Vickie said...

Wow! Congrats on the time. Wish I could say I could beat you!

Anne said...

That's wonderful, Ellie. I think it's sometimes hard for race officials to grasp all the important details and get their facts straight during awards ceremonies. I've had my times announced, only to hear another woman's name called up to get her trophy/medal/mug/whatever.

I am duly impressed you had such a strong finish and will leave Winchester with your names on the books!