Tuesday, March 27, 2007


OK, blog gang, look at this and tell me what fun it looks like!
Instead of the Paul Bunyan Marathon (see my right-hand sidebar) on July 15, just another marathon....
How about my first ultra, on a rustic island off the coast of Maine, two weeks later?? More time to recover and train after my Memorial Day Weekend Vermont City Marathon, and still plenty of time to re-train for a hopeful BQ at the Clarence DeMar Marathon in NH, Sept. 30) !?!
I would do the 50K for my ultra debut.... or maybe try the 50-miler -- heck, I'd have 2 months to recover before my next marathon, and I'd get all that endurance training.

Great Cranberry Island Ultra Marathons
50K 50M 100K
Brief Description:
The Great Cranberry Island Ultras are arguably the most unique and newest ultras held in the US. Cranberry Island is the site of an infamous 5K race held in the 80s that attracted a cult following and international attention. Our island community has a long history of supporting, encouraging and producing excellent runners and events. We offer a stunning course, amazing hospitality, and excellent competition. These events are strictly limited to the first 100 who enter.

Great Cranberry Island 50 kilometers: $50.00Great Cranberry Island 50 miles: $50.00Great Cranberry Island 100 kilometers: $50.00

Getting There:
You take a ferry from the mainland. Fun!!!
Entry Requirements:
All competitors MUST have run an ultra marathon OR finished at least three (3) full 26.2 mile marathons to be considered for a spot in our starting field

Participation Requirements:
All competitors MUST agree and plan to camp overnight (Sat night) for the fire side post race party, dinner and awards ceremony. We supply plenty of free camping space including showers. Participants must bring appropriate camping gear.

* Held entirely on a quaint offshore Maine island accessible only by boat!
* Route is multiple out and backs (4 mi per round trip) lap counters provided
* Unique awards for ALL finishers!
* Post event lobster bake, bonfire and awards party free to all registered competitors!
* Great family weekend, beachcomb, picnic and explore!
* Music on the route
* Stocked water & food tables every 2 miles
* Free, rustic overnight camping, at the town field start / finish area.

All those out-and-backs could be monotonous, but on the other hand, after each one a person could buoy herself with, "Heck, another whole segment is only 4 miles...." and look at all the opportunities for restocking and refueling, even if the aid tables aren't as promised.

I am really, really interested in this!


bunnygirl said...

I've never been to the Cranberry Islands, but I've been to Monhegan. I bet it'll be fun!

b2brunner said...

Ellie, wow that sounds interesting doing an ultra. I've never done one but I would find it interesting. For me, an ultra would have to be done on a trail.

Hope everything's going well with you. I started my 18 week marathon training yesterday for S.F. - Wayne

Anne said...

It certainly sounds like an adventure. I'm always leery of inaugural races because the glitches tend to add up, but maybe this will be different. Bring bug spray!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounded pretty interesting until I read about the 4 mi out-and-back course. I'd go nuts running back and forth so many times (4 is my limit), but there'd be some benefits as you mentioned. Maybe seeing motivating lap counter signs every time you passed your support team would also help keep your spirits up.

Good luck deciding!