Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SCORE ! ! !

Gosh, I ran 10 miles, got blisters, and went to the running store to buy better socks. I got great socks. Then I looked around, looked at their book corner, and.... they were giving away FREE back issues of Marathon and Beyond! FREE!

It's an omen.

Today I did my first ultra-training run, and to find these mags for free when I went to buy better sox -- well, it seems too fortuitous to be real.

It was an "ultra-training" run because for the whole 10 miles I used the 8:2 run:walk cycle I think I'll try; because whenever the grass or gravel on the side of the road looked remotely hospitable, I ran on that instead of the pavement to start getting used to dirt; and because tomorrow I plan to follow it with another 10 miles, this one a marathon-training run as well, since I plan to run a little peppier and walk a little less, but also an ultra-training run as I'll be running already a little tired from the day before. I have never attempted such a thing before, two 10-mile runs on consecutive days, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes.

I've been thinking of subscribing to M & B and wishing I could lay my hands on one somewhere to see how I like it.

Sheesh, I can't believe all those magazines were free. I paged through them all and took the ones with articles I'm interested in -- 9 issues in all. WHOO!!!

Stats: 10-mile run/walk 8/2, plus stops for Journey to drink and swim (it was 84*F), time 1:51:46. So we'll see how tomorrow goes...


Vickie said...

Great job! Hopefully, the next 10 will go as well. Remember the "buildup" workout I mentioned a while ago? Run 10 miles 5 days in a row--I broke it up into 2 five milers a day for 5 days. It was a huge boost to my training, since you have 50 miles just like that. 84 degrees?? Its snowing here!

Anne said...

Those issues are expensive. I have a subscription and it ain't cheap -- but it's well worth it. (And not just because I've contributed articles, either.) Nice job on the freebies. Why don't I ever have that kind of luck?!