Friday, March 09, 2007


Remember the term "junk miles?" Miles you run that don't accomplish anything? I think I just ran 8 of them. Or rather, ran 5 and walked 3.

It was one of those runs where you keep on going figuring it has to get better.

It didn't. After feeling like I was flying day before yesterday, today I had cement legs. And finally, a mile after my turnaround and 3 miles from home, I said "The heck with it" and walked it in.

My legs feel stiff and my Achilles tendons are sore again. I thought I was over my (very short) cold but my throat is scratchy now. I'm tired. I just want to go to sleep.

What, now I ask you what, did those miles accomplish for me? I should have turned around after the first 15 minutes.

8 miles, 1:40 -- first 4, 41:26; second 4, nearly an hour.


All Downhill From Here said...

Um... they helped you learn you're still recovering from the cold? Maybe the
1st 4 would have told you that.

Okay, 2nd stab at it: they will have made your NEXT 8 miler feel much, much
better by comparison.

Ellie said...

Or they helped me learn I hadn't recovered from 12 relatively-fast miles two days earlier?

So the benefits were educational, maybe helped my running "in the long run" but I don't think they added much to my fitness at the moment.... I'm icing my tendon.