Saturday, March 03, 2007


I'll let you know how I do. I think the race info on the website is funny, so I'm sharing it with y'all.

Mar 3, 2007 Retro Ramble 3.8 Miler
War Memorial Building, Jim Barnett Park, Winchester, VA. Who can ever forget Boy George, The A-Team, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Parachute Pants? Unfortunately, not us, so come celebrate the 80's by wearing your favorite 80's attire and answering 80's trivia questions!

Directions: From Winchester: Hey, you should know how to get there, bucko! The War Memorial building is located near the outdoor pool. From Beryville & East: Follow Rt. 7 into Winchester. Turn left onto S. Pleasant Valley Rd. Turn left at first light onto Cork St. Take first right into the park on Maple St. Take first left and the War Memorial Bldg. is on your right.

I can't remember what I was wearing in the 80's, except jeans, sweatshirts, and running togs, so I'm just wearing my running clothes. I don't even have a race shirt from the 80's -- wore 'em out or cut 'em up to make a quilt (which I haven't yet.)

Bleah. Last night and this morning I've felt like I was getting sick. On the course I felt my can of Slim-Fast and my pint of coffee the whole time. Heart-rate was nuts. I walked the hills and some of the flats. My rival for third place in the 50-59 overall winter standings passed me -- we've been passing rights to the 3rd-place title back and forth like France and Germany claiming Alsace-Lorraine. My time was 37:47.

I did, however, win a can of Repel Sportsman bug repellent in the 80's Trivia Contest, for knowing that "Meathead" was Archie Bunker's nickname for his son-in-law. I consider "All in the Family" more 70's than 80's but the instigators of this are only about 40, so they remember it from the 80's.

I couldn't identify my "name that tune," which blew their minds. I said, "I didn't listen to my children's music," and the MC said, "This was the 80's," like, it was back when everyone was growing up. Like I said, I didn't listen to my children's music. I recognized the song but couldn't identify it.

I feel crappy. I'm going back to bed. My whole chest feels tired.


GeekGirl said...

Hmm. In the 80's, I was wearing super tight super straight-legged jeans. I had to lie to down to pull them on. I don't think I could run in those!

Michele said...

What a hoot. I had BIG hair.
All in the Family IS 70s.

Anne said...

I distinctly remember my running attire in the early 80s -- those polyester Adidas sweat suits. I do recall in the late 80s seeing women wearing those unitards. Shudder.

It sounds like it was a neat event, even if you were under the weather and the trivia organizers need to do their homework.