Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Falling snow.

Light breeze -- cold going into it, toasty warm going with it.

Wet roads. Robins. Redwing blackbirds fill the air with their chirpy buzz.

Leaves of daffodils and tulips show through the deepening snow cover.

Quiet farm road. Weatherbeaten sheds.

A lone black cow drinks from a pond, misty through the foggy snow.
No camera.

Maple buds.

Silent solitude but for falling snow and the echo of a dog barking.

Wood smoke curls from chimneys.


Pink fleece top with icy snow-covered front.

Companion dog with slush-frozen underside, gambols through covered grass.

She tosses up tufts of the fun white stuff.

Almost 12 miles. Under 2 hours.


Now I am cold.

Hot shower.

Warm clothes.

Now I'm sweating.

Dinner is in the crock pot.

Smells wonderful.
I'm hungry.
I'm tired.

I'm happy.


LouBob said...

You are truly blessed!

Vickie said...

Twelve miles and under 2 hours? I think you are going to do it! Sounded like a lovely, relaxing run.

ShirleyPerly said...

Looks very serene, but I can't imagine running in snow. In fact, I've only seen snow a handful of times in my life and just seeing your picture made me shiver. I'm a wimp ...

Good job doing almost 12 miles in under 2 hours. If that's your normal training pace, you're we'll on your way to a BQ race time for sure!

TriGirl 40 said...

I could almost feel your run. Beautiful, Ellie.