Friday, January 13, 2006


I think I'm ready to go. I still want to put some phone numbers into my cell phone, but other than that... We're leaving early tomorrow morning, since we have stuff to do in Phoenix, including the expo, and we'll spend the night nearby in Scottsdale with sis-in-law Michelle and her husband who are running the half.

There's a bunch of Bloggers going, and planning to meet up Sunday evening for dinner after the races. How cool is that? Elizabeth, Kurt, Jayhawk, Commodore, Tammy, and Tri-Mama.

All my gear is packed. Since runner-types like to read lists of other runner-types' race gear, here it is:

In a little bundle for race day, fastened together with my race-number belt:

1.One-piece tri suit (swimsuit style) as all-purpose undergear and top, with my name stuck on the front to get cheers from spectators
2.Shorts (my Ellie-May cutoffs), in the pockets of which are already safely placed:
a. bandana
b. tube of Vaseline
c. salt capsules
d. Excedrin
e. Imodium
f. A package of peanut-butter-cheese crackers (I get hungry)
g.To be put in pockets race morning:
1) Cell phone
2) Gel flask -- it's ready in the fridge with the honey-homebrew already in it.
h. My name is stuck on a back pocket so I can get cheers from runners behind me, too
4.Throwaway windbreaker
6.Ponytail holder

I'm WEARING my running shoes as soon as I get dressed to leave tomorrow morning.
I have sunscreen and PowerBars and Imodium for race morning.
I almost never wear sunglasses for running..... can't find mine anyway.

In a bag to stow for the finish:
1. Sweats and sweatshirt
2. Hairbrush
3. Hand/face wipes
4. Sandals

For overnight at sis-in-law's:
1. Cosmetic bag w/ toiletries, including shampoo and conditioner
2. Change of underwear
3. Shirt for post-marathon dinner with Bloggers (yeah, a bunch of Blogspot folks are getting together!)

In the truck so there's no way I can forget it: RACE CONFIRMATION CARD
Steve has parking info and course map.

And it's all set to go and I can't think of another thing. This is unreal.



jessie_tri_mn said...

Good Luck Ellie!!!

Ellie-May cutoffs? I'm invisioning daisy duke style jean cutoffs...

Dianne W. said...

And you'd be right! Ellie LOVES running marathons in her cutoffs. Lots of pockets!

bunnygirl said...

Have a great time, Ellie!

Ellie said...

Yup, Jessie, that's what they are. Gen-you-wine cutoff jeans. I love 'em. Unless they get wet... which they might, from the sound of the forecast. Let's hope not!

Anonymous said...
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