Monday, January 23, 2006


OK, responding to Commodore's Challenge!!

Ran: 2 miles with Journey (Year to date 55.8 miles)

Biked: 43.8 miles (Year to date 124.7 miles)

The ~WIND~ was horrendous. said it was ENE at 10mph but I don't believe it. ENE, sure (as evidenced by how hard I worked on my return trip after riding SW on the way out...) 10mph, no way. I just kept my thoughts on Barbara and Larry Savage riding across South Dakota.... you gotta read Miles from Nowhere.

And my bike got its first flat tire. It's gone 1650 miles (I think... somewhere right around there)since I got it late last spring, without a flat. I had practiced changing a flat a jillion times last fall in preparation for ChesapeakeMan, but I haven't done it since then, and I was all thumbs. But I got it changed and went on my way. I didn't even go home for safekeeping.... I went my intended distance before I turned around. The new tube held. Yay!

All in all, not an ordinary day.

I have given up trying to map my cumulative biking and running mileage. At least until I find a map program that will let me. There have to be programs out there other than G-Maps, where you can log a long trip.

I'm also working on my sidebar. I'm going to keep my daily (sometimes not daily, but you know what I mean) and year-to-date mileage current in my daily posts, rather than in my sidebar. That way I don't have to edit my template to update it every workout.

And I want to put my friends' blogsites in my sidbar, under the "I Love My Computer" cartoon that I've already put there, thanks to Nancy's instructions. I will work on that another day. Note my photo of Journey in the sidebar, too!

And now I'm gonna rest the remainder of the evening.


TriFeist said...

You crack me up. Nothing then BAM 40+ miles. Go girl!

From Here to There said...

Ellie, let's pretend you ran yesterday. Then you didn't miss a day.

Journey is beautiful!

Comm's said...

43 miles that is awesome. Go to my blog and in the sidebar you will find, a measure any distance in USA link. It might be g-map but give it a try, its never failed me.

Vickie said...

Ellie, how lucky you are to have weather you can bike in! If you looked out your window and saw what I saw today, you wouldn't be complaining about the wind! But good training. Wish I was there! Journey looks like my son's dog Zepplin. I'll have to post on my blog so you can compare!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Ugh. 40 miles in the wind, with a flat. And you still sound happy.

You've got perseverance to spare :)

Oldman said...

flat, changed tire and finished ride with no spare....wway to go! awesome

E-Speed said...

wow 43 miles after the marathon. Tough! I haven't had a flat yet, not looking forward to it!

Ellie said...

Oldman -- Actually I carry 2 tubes just in case!! (My husband says I ought to also carry a patch kit in case I get 3 flats...)

Linae -- Actually I've been working up my distance... last "long" one was about 35. Think I'm ready for a century now???

Dianne W. said...

Tell Steve that 2 tubes and a cell phone is good enough! :) After changing 2 flats, that's enough for one ride.