Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well, Scottsdale, but it's the same basic idea. Thanks for the good wishes and I'll think of you all tomorrow! I've talked to Tammy and Elizabeth on the phone today, although I haven't "met" either of them yet. I drove into downtown Phoenix and found the Expo all by myself (folks who know me know that's an accomplishment) and now my running clothes are laid out by the bed, my chip is on my shoe, and I'm ready to roll. One of sis-in-law's friends is running the full marathon tomorrow (sis and her husband are running the half) so this friend is picking me up early for the marathon start. There will be 3 of us and it will be fun to talk shop on the way there. Steve is getting up later to drive sis Michelle and her husband Kevin to the start of the half. Then they'll all bide their time after the half waiting for slow Granny Ellie to come moseying in from the full 26.2.

It has not rained here since October 18. So naturally, there's a 30% chance of showers tomorrow morning, clearing by 3pm. High of 63*, which is good, unless it rains, which will make it feel cold. I bought cheap gloves at the Expo.

Everyone repeat after me: It is not going to rain. It is not going to rain. It is not going to rain. It is not going to rain. You get the gist of it.... you can keep saying it yourself!

Joke: "I hope the rain keeps up."
"So it won't come down."


Downhillnut said...

It is NOT going to rain :)

Go Ellie Go!

Have a wonderful race experience and kick some butt!

nancytoby said...

"slow Granny Ellie"!?!?!?

Sandbagger. Who are you trying to fool?

Have a great time!! But don't get those cutoffs wet - ugh!


TxSkatemom said...

Good luck, have fun, and have a blast! I can't wait to see/hear the race report.

Shelley said...

Have a great time and best of luck

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Hope you had a great race!

nancytoby said...


VERB: intr.
To downplay or misrepresent one's ability in order to deceive someone, especially in gambling.

sandbagger (Noun)
Ellie (Hamilton)

Ellie said...

Hey, no fair.... I'm not trying to fool anyone! Michelle and Kevin really do think I'm slow... both did the half in under 2 hours. And would have loved to go home then, I'm sure, but had to wait for me.

But it was worth it!!!

nancytoby said...

Uh, you finished in the top 1/3 of *all* the women in the race. No fair using that "slow" word ever ever again!!!