Saturday, April 25, 2009


Spent last night with Sally in a motel in Gatlinburg. I'm waiting for the outfitter to open, then will be heading back to the trail and meeting up with her tonight.

There's a gang that's formed, mostly women, and last night we all got shirts made up: AT logo with "Hiker Trash" and our trail name, surrounded by color bursts. My shirt is light pink, made with the sleeves and collar "ripped off" (looks like trash, $2.99 on the clearance rack), the color swirls are light blue and lavender, and the print is black. Goes perfectly with my black running/hiking mini skirt. I'll get a picture and see if Steve can coordinate it with this post!

My name isn't MacGyver anymore. I'm Yard Sale. When I'm setting up or breaking down camp, I can't get myself organize unless I lay all my stuff out on the ground. They say it looks like I'm having a yard sale. N-Da-Wind named me. She said it's also a skiing term: when a downhill skier wipes out and gear flies everywhere, they call it a yard sale.

So I'm Yard Sale. I like its metaphorical lilt, too: a yard sale is where you get rid of stuff that doesn't serve you anymore and is just cluttering up your life.


bunnygirl said...

Sounds like you're having a great time, Ellie!

Boots said...

what a great time! and I love how trail names morph with each trip! Would love to see that outfit!

Downhillnut said...

Love the new name, Ellie. I like your metaphorical meaning for it. Maybe I need to go hiking, too.