Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th update

I talked to Ellie on Saturday. She was heading out after a two day rest in town. She waited for Sally who had developed a sore knee, and others to catch up. She was planning on making about 11 miles that day, Then 8-11 on Sunday and arriving in the next town Monday morning to re-supply and pick up her new phone and camera card. When she sends me the old one, I will post some pictures. I'm sure she would appreciate cards & letters along the way. Call or e-mail me and I can give you an address where she will be in the near future.


ShirleyPerly said...

Ooh, look forward to seeing more photos! Don't know your phone number, Steve, but please email me an address for Ellie and I'd be happy to send her a card/note. My email address is:
prattshirley at gmail dot com.

elizabeth said...

I'd love to send her a note! My email address is elizabeth *at* trailingyarn *dot* com. Thanks!