Friday, April 24, 2009


Which is not on the Trail!! A member of my Women Hikers List met Sally and me at a crossing, took Sally to a motel in Gatlinburg, TN, and brought me home with her to Asheville (1.5 hr drive.) I got a wonderful dinner long bath and got my clothes washed and she made me a silnylon stuff sack and helped me weed out unnecessary and redundant stuff from my pack. Later today she'll take me back to Gatlinburg where I'll share the room with Sally tonight, and then S. and I will get back on the Trail tomorrow.

205 miles down. Another 13 (one day's hike or less) and I'll have 1/10 of the distance done. Just have to do it 9 more times. That makes it sound totally doable.

We did one 17 mile day and an 18; usually, lately, it's 12-15. Up, down, up, down, up, down.

No tendon trouble. The skin is coming off my heels, though, despite blister bandages, tape, abrasion covers, everything I can think of. Judy (who brought me to her home) says it'll pass.

Going through Great Smoky Mountains National Park now. Gorgeous.

I hope Judy's scale is wrong. It's showing a 10-pound loss. Last time I checked (motel in Fontana Dam, NC, 4 days ago) I'd lost 7.... over 2 pounds a week. So another 3 in 4 days is alarming. I mean, I'm not too skinny or anything.... I'm just losing so fast it appears I need to eat more. But that means I have to carry it.... Maybe 10 pounds off my body means I can carry 10 pounds more in my pack. Ew. Not.

Gorgeous scenery and wildflowers; funny stories, like the night in a shelter where a mouse gave birth to babies in someone's backpack. I wasn't there for that but Sally was (when she was in one place and I was in another) and the story is all over the Trail.

Have seen no bears, snakes, wild hogs, or even many birds. Couple of white-tailed deer. But the wildflowers are gorgeous. White trillium, trout lilies, YELLOW trillium, and Spring Beauties, gorgeous star-shaped little white flowers with delicate pink brushstrokes.

I miss my family. I miss my husband. I've had some miserable days but mostly I am loving every inch of this Trail.


ShirleyPerly said...

Glad to hear no tendon troubles! I know my weight can vary by 5 pounds from scale to scale and don't worry much about it. I think the most important thing is that you're feeling good and strong. GO ELLIE!!

Boots said...

thanks for the honesty! of missing family and hard days! you rock and steve the pics are great!