Saturday, April 18, 2009

(from Ellie's journal, April 10)

Ten miles farther, yet. Coyotes during the night raised a ruckus, awesome. I thought the first whoops were some kind of owl, until they all got in on it. I loved it.

Rain started just as we were breaking camp. Poured ALL DAY LONG. Cold rain. 11 miles to Carter Gap shelter, which was not in a gap but on a mountain. Glad I stopped when I did because we got horrendous thunderstorms and hail. Stayed under the shelter roof until it let up then hit my tent at 6:30pm and stayed there. Glad I at least was under the rhododendrons and not in the open.


Boots said...

Hey girl! not sure I would feel safe in a shelter with 8 men! My husband and son hiked from Neels gap to Blood Mtn and then on further south ... husband was alone Thursday night and figured if Ellie can he can! LOL... keep us up to date blessings! YOU ROCK

bunnygirl said...

Very cool about the coyotes. I've sometimes seen them at the park I run at. They're harmless as long as you give them their space and they've got plenty of their usual food to eat.

Loving your updates, Ellie!