Sunday, April 26, 2009

(From Ellie's journal, April 15)

We're stopped - Constant, Shaun and I - at the Nantahal Outdoor Center, Wesser, NC, to do laundry, get a shower, buy food, etc. I picked up a mail drop I'd sent myelf with ETA April 15th - Bingo!! Spot on!
Naturally it's a beautiful sunny day, since we're off the Trail. As soon as we head out it'll turn cold and rainy.
Cold and rainy reminds me of another thing I've learned: It's hard to open a Zip-Loc bag when you're wearing fleece mitts covered with dog poop baggies.
Total miles so far: 135.0
Total marathons:5.15; 78.15 left
Miles to go:2,036.4 = NEW SECOND DIGIT!! Actually hit that days ago.

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