Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day of Rest

(from Ellie's journal, April 6)

I woke up feeling like crap. All shaky and sickish and jittery, like after a really hard marathon. N-Da-wind was rarin' to go until she heard the weather forecast, wind advisory and 3-6 inches of snow. So we stayed in Helen, GA for the day. funny "rest" - we walked and walked. We were told there was an outfitter at the other end of town, so we walked maybe a mile there, found out they only sold fishing supplies, and walked back. Then i made a couple more mile round trips to the Dollar Store, drug store, etc.

I have just realized that if I write out all this long prose I'll never keep up. Already I'm backtracking writing entries a day or two late.
R&R = rest and relaxation (or is it recreation?)
RRRR = refuel, rehydrate, rest, relax.

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